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январь 2020

Cocoon. From the series Butterfly, 2019 (canvas, oil, size: 60х60)

M, 2019 (canvas, acrylic, size: 69,7х69,7)

Eat me, 2019 (canvas, acrylic, size: 80х50)

Moskauer Birnen, 2019 (canvas, acrylic, size: 50х50)

My may, Waidhofen an der Ybbs, 2019 (canvas, acrylic, size: 80х100)

Pink water lily. Pharmaceutical garden, Moscow, 2019 (canvas, oil, size: 49,9x69,7)

Sunny day. Lake Shap, 2019 (canvas, oil, size: 40x50)

Gull. Shap Lake, Mari El, 2019 (canvas, oil, size: 30x40)

Lilac. Pokrovsky Cathedral, 2019 (canvas, oil, size: 60х60)

Moscow sky, 2019 (canvas, oil, size: 45x63)

In the village of Corta, 2019 (canvas, oil, size: 45х25)

Pear print №2, 2019 (paper, oil, size: 21х14,8)

Pear print №1, 2019 (paper, oil, size: 21х14,8)

Naturpark Buchenberg №2. Austria, 2018 (cardboard, oil, size: 15,5x20)

Naturpark Buchenberg. Austria, 2018 (cardboard, oil, size: 15,5x19,9)

Beaver Island. Moscow, 2018 (cardboard, oil, size: 10,4х14,9)

Chistye Prudy. Moscow, 2018 (canvas, oil, size: 50х60)

Lunz am See, 2018 (canvas, oil, size: 18x24)

Lake Shap, 2018 (cardboard, oil, size: 10,6x14,8)

Tanya and Dima. On the lake Shap, 2018 (canvas, oil, size: 18x24)

Dunya, 2018 (cardboard, oil, size: 30,3х23,9)

Church of St. Vladimir, 2018 (canvas, oil, size: 50x70)

Myshino Village, 2017 (cardboard, oil, size:14,2x21,5)

Vanilla Sky. Pokrovsky Cathedral, 2018 (canvas, oil, size: 44,9x49,7)

Lake Shap, 2017 (cardboard, oil, size: 10,4x14,8)

Lake Shap №2, 2017 (cardboard, oil, size:10,8x14,8)

On Pokrovka street, 2016 (canvas, oil, size: 50x60)

Pokrovsky Cathedral. Moscow, 2016 (canvas, oil, size: 35x30)

Footprints in the snow. Mari El, 2016 (canvas, oil, size: 45x35)

Lilac, 2015 (cardboard, oil, size:15,5x20)

Bog. Mari El, 2014 (cardboard, oil, size:15,5x20)

From the series: The gifts of the Mari Forest №1, 2014 (canvas, oil, size: 24х18)

Vegetable study, 2013 (cardboard, oil, size:10,6x14,8)

House № 16, 2012 (canvas, oil, size: 30х40)

Rose garden. Wien, 2012 (canvas, oil, size: 18х24)

Portrait of wife, 2012 (canvas, oil, size: 30x20)

Mirorrworld, 2012 (canvas, oil, size: 35х45)

From the Corta series. Mari El, 2012 (canvas, oil, size: 24х18)

Landeck-Zams. Austria, 2012 (canvas, oil, size: 30x35)

Tirol. Austria, 2012 (cardboard, oil, size: 24,6x33,7)

Lunz am See. Austria, 2010 (cardboard, oil, size: 24,5x19)

Suzdal. Russian village stage set for the feature movie “Split”, 2010 (canvas, oil, size: 45х35)

Sunset. Suzdal, 2010 (canvas, oil, size: 30х20)

From the series: Korta. Mari El, 2010 (canvas, oil, size: 30х24)

Polenovo. Near Moscow, 2010 (cardboard, oil, size: 18x24,4)

Caesarea. Israel, 2009 (cardboard, oil, size: 25x18)

An apple and a pomegranate, 2009 (monotype. paper, oil size: 21x29,7)

From the series: Korta. Mari El, 2009 (canvas, oil, size: 30х40)

From the series: Korta. Mari El, 2008 (canvas, oil, size: 30х40)

Grado. 2005 (cardboard, oil, size: 29х21)